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  • Calender of Events

    The purpose of having the calendar of events is to enrich the learning process and to make the students see the change. Active calendar in terms of the academics for every student to follow would be the mid term exams that will be held in September and the final exam in the month of April after the due revision in the month of March.

    Apart from the academics, equal importance is given for the students to participate in co-curricular activities. Co-curricular activities we believe would foster a spirit of involvement and collaboration. It helps the students to be not only creative but also gain in self-confidence. Other contributory benefits would be the physical, social and emotional development of the child.

    We encourage our students to be involved in a range of engrossing individual activities… scribbling, glitter pasting, palm cutting pasting, paper folding, crayon resistant, thermocol balls pasting, thread painting, story telling etc. and also group activities… blowing bubbles, vegetable printing, paper collage, cotton pasting, colors blowing etc. All these competitive activities help students to learn about how life is so colorful. We are engaging the students to learn about colors, vegetable, fruits etc. by their participation in colors day, vegetable day and fruits day.

    While the above activities are for the pre-primary, we offer a comprehensive range of activities in the areas of sports, art, dance, music, fancy dress, theatre and public speaking for the students of primary and higher primary. We are also regularly organising field trips and community outreach projects.

    School Calendar & Timings

    The school operates over two academic terms:

    First term: June - October

    Second term: November - March

    The school has a five-day week.

    Details of holidays will be provided in the School Calendar, distributed to students at the beginning of each academic year.

    School timings are:

    Montessori - 09AM - 12.30PM

    LKG - 09AM - 12.30PM

    UKG - 09AM - 02.00PM

    I - VIII - 09AM - 03.30PM