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  • Academic Process

    Our’s is a very academic school aiming to get pupils to follow the good teaching philosophy. We want our pupils to obtain high standards of education supported by exemplary teaching practices. We do follow the syllabus that has the most enlightened outlook and the curricula as framed to follow within our education system. It has been possible as we have in place a proactive team of experienced teachers, who understand well to combine high standards of teaching with the emotional needs of the students. Our focus are on following lines to make every child to learn few important aspects of life:

  • How joyous and satisfying to share with teachers and co-students
  • How the simple rules followed makes the student to be more disciplined
  • How important it is to co-exist in a friendly atmosphere with other children
  • How obedient the students should be to accept the guidance of kindly adults
  • Ultimately we want to ensure that each stage of schooling is carefully created, to make a student's journey from one level of school to the next as flawless and rewarding as possible.

    Our Goals

    There are many things we want our young students to gain in their years of formation at our pre-primary, primary and higher primary education. Following are amongst the most important:

  • To make every student to carry healthy self image, be self-confident and positive
  • To inculcate the habit to show respect and concern for other children and adults
  • To create a great sense of keen learning exploring all the wonders and curiosity about the world around them