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  • A Day in Montessori

    Pre-primary is very important as it is child’s first experience in the formal educational system. It surely will be an anxious time for both children and parents. We therefore want to create an environment for the children to feel homely, secure and happy. We want each of the kids to feel the school to be a home away from home and for the students to feel eager to come to school each morning. Church Park International Public School is encouraging and facilitating a good learning experience through well qualified and child friendly teachers. They ensure to give focussed attention for the good learning every child. The method of teaching they adopt is for the students to learn through a process where it is first to listen, then to speak, then read and finally to write. To enlarge the scope for learning, the child is also allowed to learn or understand themselves, the people and the things around them. We believe that this inculcates in every student the values of life allowing them to grow to be responsible citizens.

    Following are the highlights of Pre-school:

  • Classrooms are bright and spacious open spaces that allow children to explore the world of great learning
  • Children have a playground that has ample space to play under supervision
  • Teachers are caring, friendly and fair. They would be firm and discipline conscious as and when needed. In short, surely living up to child’s trusted expectations
  • Carefully selected range of toys, learning aids, craft materials and books complete the picture.
  • Emphasis is on anxiety-free learning process rather than forcing reading and writing in a mechanical manner
  • Encourage the students to link up with nature, sing and paint making it a joyful and most loved experience of learning in everyday school life
  • We are confident to say that our Preschool is a perfect stage for the children to gain from this nurturing environment to smoothly transition to primary school.

    Structure and Staffing

    Our Pre-primary has three levels and the class strength will be also structured in an appropriate manner for every student to get his/her due and surely a very personalised

  • attention from the teachers.
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  • Lower Kindergarten (LKG)
  • Upper Kindergarten (UKG)